So it’s been a while…

As you may have gathered, Baby Scaredy Mum has arrived. Our lives have been turned upside down; I can’t go to the loo by myself anymore without yelling ‘IT’S OK, MUMMY WON’T BE LONG! FIVE MORE MINUTES!!’ (then quietly, to myself, ‘Oh, FFS’) let alone make time for a blog post. But he’s gone back down to sleep for a bit, so I gathered it’s time I post an update. Several, in fact. So over the next few days, I plan to publish blogs on:

  • Cowbag J the Midwife, and how Baby SM narrowly avoided turning up on an A road in the middle of the night
  • The Great Breastfeeding Conspiracy – why does no-one tell you how difficult it is?
  • Mum friends – the girls I never wanted but could never do without
  • Not exactly love at first sight – how loving Baby SM has been a process, and far from instantaneous
  • Hacks to make life with a newborn that bit more bearable

The good news is that I’ve really taken to being a Mum; my fears were (mainly) without foundation and even a baby-phobe like me has managed to keep a little one alive (and happy, it would seem) for over ten weeks now. If I can do it, anyone can. I hope these blogs provide a little comfort for anyone else in the same situation as me. You will get some semblance of your life back; it just might look a little different to life pre-baby.


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